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Louis Perea


Louis Perea, El Mirador’s President, started the agency in June 2006. Having been born and raised in a small ranching/farming community in central New Mexico, known as Pinoswells, Louis saw from a young age the need for Medicaid services. He also learned at a young age how the system had failed much of that population.


So began his vision for El Mirador Home Care. Being bilingual in English and Spanish, Spanish being his first language, Louis’ vision included being able to create and offer resources while breaking down language barriers to make it easier for the disadvantage members of his community to apply for services.


With a family history in the construction industry, Louis saw the need and opportunity to be able to offer Environmental Modifications to those who qualified. Thus, he obtained a construction license with the purpose of being able to offer ADA compliant internal and external adaptation to ensure the health and safety


“I believe strongly in home care and home health care services. It is essential to me that the population can maintain a quality of life in the home. Our citizens and our culture are of dignity and it is important to me that El Mirador upholds that. This community and this state deserve an agency that is of local culture and with a vision that is of the highest quality of care.”

El Mirador Home Health Agency


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